About our Group

J Lanka Group is Sri Lanka’s premier diversified company.

From managing stone driven business in Sri Lanka, manufacturing of quartz slab to run the electronic industry, activated carbon manufacturing, pit mining Gemstones and mineral stone and television and radio channel broad casting in Sri Lanka, we have made our presence felt in virtually every major sphere of the economy, we have been known to constantly re-invent, re-align and reposition ourselves in exploring new avenues of growth.

J Lanka endeavor to optimize our client’s satisfaction level by providing our excellence product range. We believe that production control is maintained only through systematic planning, co-ordination of all level without compromising the quality so we implemented ISO – 9001 and Only because of our rigid quality commitment we became the biggest quartz supplier in Sri Lanka over the span.


Chairman’s Message

Our proud standing and the foremost role we play today in the markets is the productive outcome of many years of prudently planned hard, dedicated and exhausting work years interposed by large-scale challenges, which were not but an incentive, motive and stimulant to attain further achievement, excellence and uniqueness. The outstanding success we achieved today did not happen by accident, our dedicated, large-scale efforts exerted by highly qualified and trained manpower that work backstage quietly, patiently, and earnestly. They work in the framework of a clear strategic vision, having firm faith in that group's success depends on the individuals' success.

J Lanka Quartz

Factory Premises

We – J Lanka is the prominent manufacturer of Quartz and Mineral products, Headquartered in western province in Sri Lanka. We have fully pledged large manufacturing unit in the industrial park of Kurunegala in the north western province of Sri Lanka with modern technical facilities. Our product is made with one of the nature’s hardest stone. It is the most resourceful and used for Electronics product, Semiconductor products, Solar products, Construction products, Medical products, Optics and Telecommunication products etc.